Our Cistercian Oblates


Cistercian Nuns live the Contemplative life under the Holy Rule of St. Benedict. Our Cistercian Oblates are lay men and women who feel a call to live this ideal as the guide for their daily life. We have a one year novitiate before making final oblation. Oblation is a promise to live the oblate life in so far as their state in life permits according to the Rule of St. Benedict. The main emphasis of our oblate program is on development and growth in the spiritual life through prayer and the Sacraments. We encourage them to pray the Liturgy of the Hours, especially Lauds and Vespers, daily Mass, and the practice Lectio Divina or Sacred Reading, a monastic form of prayer.  It is the Cistercian contemplative life lived in the world rather than in the monastery.

If you feel God is calling you to this way of life please email: HERE

 We have monthly meetings for local oblates. For those who live at a distance, we have a yearly Oblate retreat with conferences and fellowship together with the local oblates at the monastery. These mini-retreats foster oblate unity among themselves and with the community.

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