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Cistercian Nuns


Though situated in a lovely rural valley, nestled up against Wisconsin’s glacier bluffs our monastery buildings were originally meant to be temporary. The space they provide has become inadequate as more young women enter. Noise from increasing traffic  disrupts the quiet necessary for a life of prayer. We have therefore, after much prayer, decided to move in order to protect and foster the gift of our monastic vocation with sufficient living space and a setting of greater quiet and solitude. We have received encouragement and support from generous benefactors who are helping us  to make this dream a reality. At the same time our hearts and prayers go out to our friends and neighbors who  have expressed regret to see us leave the area. Wherever we are our friends and neighbors of many years will  be with us as we stand before God in prayer.

Please see the “Cistopediawebsite  and  our  “New Monasterywebsite.